Archive for August, 2004

Deme v0.3.0 Released

Friday, August 27th, 2004

The Deme v0.3.0 release is now available for download. This version includes some important bug fixes to the task item type and the syntax hiliting across all the meeting area viewing panes. Deme now generates email notification messages when tasks are modified, completed, and/or deleted.

Go test our latest version now in the demo group.

Deme v0.2.3 Update

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

We’ve just released Deme v0.2.3. Go download it or setup your own groups on our server by signing up in the upper-right corner of our site. This latest release will be a welcome update for users with low resolution monitors. We added toolbars to all the maximized window panes in their own popup windows. We realize that our low resolution users depend on these popup frames (and even our high resolution users enjoy using popups for additional clarity), so now users can access all the toolbar features from within popup frames. Please send us feedback with your suggestions/comments/opinions, or use Deme to contact us by visiting our public groups.

Demev0.2.2 Released.

Friday, August 13th, 2004

Deme v0.2.2 has arrived. We are starting to pick up a lot of momentum with releases. In this latest release we have corrected some of the bugs in the Project/Task item types. Projects and task now include additional functionality that allows users to change the status of tasks from a variety of options. Also,tasks now have two additional information fields:"deadlines" and "estimated length of task." Go check out the latest version of the source code. Or go to the groups page to play around with projects and tasks in our demo.

New Release: Demev0.2.1

Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

We have just released the next version of the Deme beta. In v0.2.1 we have added a new item type to the meeting area folio. Now groups can setup "projects" which contain tasks. The project item type allows groups to organize the tasks they lay before them according to priority, category, date until completion, and a number of other descriptive settings. Follow "Learn Deme Here" tutorial to learn how to use projects and tasks. Download our latest version of the source code.