Development Resources

Obviously the best resource for Deme Development is the source code, which you can download here. Before you start working with our code, you’ll want to review our license. It is a derivative of the GPL with a few extra lines that pertrain to usage over a network. In other words: Deme is fully open source, free software.

The following table contains a few important design/development resources, especially the developer’s manual.

Link Description
Deme white paper (pdf format, Mar. 2004) This paper discusses the principles and theory behind the design of Deme. A revised version will appear in the 2006 anthology Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice (CSLI Publications).
Workshop Paper (pdf format, Jan. 2005) This was a position paper for the “Beyond Threaded Conversation” Workshop at CHI-2005. It describes the “problem-driven” approach to design that Deme tries to instantiate.
APSA Paper (pdf format, Aug. 2002) This paper attempted to make the case for the potential of online deliberation to help democratize and build social capital and trust in East Palo Alto. Deme is an effort to address the issues outlined in this paper.
DemeWiki This wiki is a combination scrapbook, notepad, and information source on Deme development. It contains many useful online deliberation links, bugs, design issues, resources for programmers, and other development related material.
README This is the README file packaged with the latest release of Deme. It includes useful information such as system requirements and usage recommendations. However, if you do not intend to install a copy of Deme on your own server, this file will not be of much use to you.
Developer’s Manual The beginnings of Deme’s technical documentation, with a nice diagram of the overall architecture in addition to a graphical explanation of the meeting area system.

Finally, the following list contains the online manuals for all the internet technologies that Deme utilizes. All of these sites are invaluable while coding Deme.

MySQL Manual
PHP Manual
Gecko DOM Reference
Classic Javascript 1.3 Reference
CSS Reference
HTML Reference
MSDN DHTML Reference (watch out for Microsoft incompatibilities)